Chapman Cooper was started to provide a range of service to SME businesses that are usually only available to larger firms. This enables our clients to improve their cash flow by conditioning their clients to pay on time.

Chapman Cooper provides a spectrum of services from onsite consultancy to the choice of outsourcing all or part of their collections function. We can help to identify those accounts that need special collection treatment and then provide that service.

Our clients provide credit to be competitive, but they cannot afford to finance large outstanding balances, incur significant bad debt, or spend large amounts of money to manage this process. Interest rates are currently low but any rise will make it expensive and unsustainable to finance overdue invoices.

We help our clients to efficiently manage what is one of the largest assets of most organizations. This is optimized with the best software and processes. We can show you how to generate maximum efficiency for your collections efforts and investment.

The time to improve management of this critical asset is now.

Please contact us for a free consultation and information on how our services can immediately improve your cash flow.